Saturday, July 26, 2008

Play date...

So, Blue and Get Em got together today for some zoomies, Venus showed up later to join in the fun. We got the usual questions, what kind of dog is that? why does his chest look that way? (little kid, he wasn't sure why the ribs were visable) We had a good day! We were out there for a little over an hour. Toni mentioned she always brings Get Em over to the pond to cool off. Blue had already laid on the collapseable water bowl to make a puddle for himself to lay in, I thought he would like to go and cool off in the pond. After a breif meeting with a few children on the way to the pond (Blue was not too much involved in the meeting), we made it over ot the water. Blue and Get Em walked around for a little while and then this happened:

I knew he was probably getting a bit warm, but didn't think he was going to immerse himself into the swampy goodness of the pond we walked to. He laid down for about a minute, got up and walked a bit futher. He found a sink hole a little bit further up from where he laid down, this scared him a bit and I pulled him out of this before he got too deep.

Needless to say, the ride home was lovely! Nothing better than having a wet, sandy, swampy dog in the back of the Jeep, but damn he is still good lookin'! haha I am glad we met this morning because the afternoon got a bit sticky and gross. The rain brought some nasty humidty.

Get Em and Blue in the pond shortly after Blue laying down and before finding the sink hole...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alpharetta meet

I got to meet Don and Carolyn this Sunday, and their dogs Obidiah (sp?) and I am not 100% sure of the other one, I am terrible with names! Anyways, this was, people wise, one of the best locations I have been too. Those of you who know Blue know that he is not the most out going boy, but those who were interested and stuck around long enough were able to get a good petting. We spoke with 2 ladies and her daughter, daughter was, I would guess 10ish. From what I got from her mother, she was attcked by a dog early in her childhood and was not sure about dogs. Blue has never been a big fan of children, but he was ok with the advances of this little girl. At one point she was surrounded by all 3 hounds and had the biggest smile on her face. She went and got some treats and fed them to whoever would take them and Blue was, of course, ever so polite in taking the treat. I explained to the little girl he sould sit, which he attempted, but sitting on linoleum is not the easiest task. So, I told him 'down' which usually means he will go all the way down, but he gave them a bow and this probably got more of a reation from onlookers than the laying down would have (is my boy starting to play to a crowd?) In all, they probably hung around for 10 - 15 minutes and took some literature from us.

Had another lady almost in tears because Blue looked like a hound she used to have. I guess the point of this rant is that Alpharetta seemed like a really good store to get a bunch of dogs together. We all know, the more dogs, the more attention we all get. There seemed to be a bigger population of young families as well, seems to me like a good side of town to focus on for M&G's. Just a thought...

Here is a music video to put you to sleep or a good mood or you may not even like it... Her name is Hayley Westenra and I found her by accident, she is amazing! I cant figure out how to get this in my blog, so here is a link...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dear lady in the black BMW 330ci,

Georgia 400 is no place to catch up on reading your crappy romance novel, honestly you are a threat to everyone on this 4 lane state highway. I understand you want to see where Fabio will be whisking you off to once you turn to the next page, but honestly, can't this fantasy of yours wait until you make it to your home and you plant your behind on your nice comfy couch? I have nothing against you reading this garbage, mom read them all the time. As a child I would crawl into her lap and read aloud how glorious Juan the gardner's hair was blowing in the wind, wasn't soon after this came out of my mouth that mom was kicking me out of her lap. Annoying mom was fun, annoying the 20 cars stopped behind you with room for 20 more in front of you because you are so involved in the 'whisking', not fun, nor safe for anyone. So please, do us all a favor, do your reading at home. Traffic is not the place to be reading, besides, I was so taken aback by what I was seeing, I damn near slammed into the back of the 4runner in front of me. hehe


Blue got stung on the bum while we were out on our walk. I thought he was going to eat the bee and take a chunk out of his bum once it stung him. Never seen him move that fast. Didn't swell or anything, didn't even realy leave a mark. We are cursed as far as walks go, my fault though, I like taking the path less travelled...
He is so handsome!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Not sure what it is about my walks with the dog lately, but we sure do like finding snakes. We come across a few Eastern garter's, I let Blue chase them, they are harmless. Today, we came across this fellow, he is a king snake. Took me by surprise, he was all of 2.5 feet, but once I saw that it was a harmless snake, I let Blue get curious and sniff as the snake slithered away. About a month or so ago, we came across a Copperhead, which may be the one of the most venomous snakes GA has to offer, also one of its most uncommon. That being said, why wouldn't we come across this little guy, right?! He was about a foot long at best. I was walking with Blue off the leash (yes I had my hound off the leash) and I noticed an odd looking stick, well, we got a little closer and the 'stick' moved. I stopped and leaned forward a bit and noticed the triangular shaped head. This told me that I was looking at a poisonous snake. Well, I remembered I had my dog with me as he trotted past me. I yelled his name and was pretty frantic about it. Blue heard it in my voice, stopped immediately and bolted straight back to me. He never saw the snake thank goodness, all he would have needed to do is be curious about this guy too.
Pretty snake right?!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Blue dog

This has become my favorite photo of Blue, ran 43 mph this day out a John's farm. This was his 4th birthday as well, wish he could have won, but came in second in the greyhound group.
I am going to try to get used to this blogging thing. Not sure how interesting this will be to read, but we will see I suppose.
That is it for starters, more to come...