Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Craiglist post

Dog friend of mine shared this with me, made me smile...

I have three dogs, one is 130+ lbs, he's a komondor, loves to play, will
Pick up the brush when/if I drop it and give it back to me. He has a ghost
We call Boo.. He likes to carry Boo around. Great with kids, protective over
His family.
A female weimaraner that is 60+, very pretty, shiny coat, blue in color. Can
Be protective, but is generally outgoing. Can put a treat on her nose then
Usually catch it. Sometimes the big dog grabs it before she gets it though.
A 5lb yorkie, he's 10 years old, and cranky. Pees in the house if he's
Upset, and will occasionally leave other "gifts" for you. Things that upset
Him are, not sleeping in, rain, other dogs, other cats, not giving him
Enough attention, anything new in the house, when I'm upset, when I leave
And don't take him, and a few other things. But he does dance for a treat
And catch mice and will do agility courses.

My dogs are all neutered/spayed and current on their vaccinations. They get
Fed holistic food, it seems expensive but is really only $1/day for all
Them. That's less than a bottle of soda.

My dogs are not up for adoption.
-I have moved 6 times in my life, including college and a divorce, they
Always come with. We've lived here for 4 years, and if we move, they'll go

-I have two kids, I still have my dogs. They were here before the kids, and
I took the time to teach them to be gentle to kids, even tiny babies.

-My little dog doesn't like kids that much, he likes them when they're
Sleeping. So I trained my kids to leave him alone.

-I don't have a job, haven't for the last three years, my job has been being
A mother. I still have my dogs. I just don't buy other things I don't need.

-I have a 130 lb dog who needs to be groomed... I brush him twice a week, it
Takes less than 5 minutes a day. I don't feel bad for people who say they
"don't have the time" to groom a shih tzu. It doesn't take that long.

-My dogs shed, but so do I, so I think we're even.

-I've had dogs my whole life, and have never "suddenly" acquired a strange
Allergic reaction to them, nor know anyone who has, and I know a lot of
People with dogs.

-My dogs do not destroy my house, because I don't let them. I have two
Breeds that are commonly referred to as strong willed and destructive. I
Simply have rules and make the dogs listen. They do not eat until I tell
Them they can. This makes me the pack leader. I do not share my couch or bed
With the big dogs, I will not fight over where I get to sit.

-I do not have to lock my dogs out of the kitchen when we eat. I simply
Taught them they're not allowed. A flyswatter being smacked on the table has
A lot of power in a dogs eyes, used with the word "out" it's amazing.

-I have two cats, and a leather living room set. The cats are not declawed.
I simply give them other things to scratch that are acceptable. They enjoy

-I have three dogs and two cats. Sometimes they get fed up with each other.
I still have them all. I just remind them this is my house, and separate
Them from each other for an hour then everything is okay.

-I have an old dog, and I got a new dog. I did not get rid of the old dog
Because he didn't like the new dog.

-An end note to all the dogs who have spent the best 3-10 years of their
Lives in the only home they've known to be replaced by a child, other pet,
Move, new job, etc. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine your heartache of being
Disowned by your parent who loved you for years.


If you get to thinkin' you're a person of
some influence, try orderin' a dog around.