Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's paint a picture...

<--- not Blue - from ihasahotdog.com
I will start of with talk about what happened to my boy Blue this weekend. So, we had the ice cream social on Saturday and had a wonderful time! So, some guy saw the plethora of greyhounds and thought to himself, 'I am going to bring my dog over there and say hi.' He came out of the Red Bandanna a few stores down. So, Blue and a few of the other hounds said hello and they were done with it, I was done making sure the encounter went well, but still lent an eye that way. There was a smushed ice cream cone between the other dog and Blue, well the other dog (being a little white mutt, some pit/bull dog/boxer mix) decided it was his and let Blue know it. He went after Blue, Blue gave a growl and a snap back, but I was jerking him towards me as this occurred. I thought everything was fine, but noticed that there was a little gash in Blue's neck about the size of a nickel. Patti P. gave me some provisions to get him all doctored up for the night and Monday it was off to the vet for staples. He is now Franken-dog with 3 staples in his neck.
OK, so here is the picture I want to paint for you. The above is just me griping...
Blue and i go on 2 mile walks every day, so I didn't think having 3 staples in his neck would change his want to go on our walk, I would find out the contrary about a mile into our walk. So, we are going well and he is getting his trot on and we are at our usual pace. We get about a mile from the Jeep and it is time to turn around, well Blue wants to continue walking away from the Jeep, well this is not going to happen because we have reached the end of the trail. We did some circles, but nothing. I could not do what I usually do, just because he has the staples in his neck and do not want to rip the stitches. So, what do I do? I pick-up my 75 pound greyhound and start walking back to the Jeep, this is on Azalea Dr, a pretty busy street at 6:30 pm on a Monday, so you can imagine the looks I am getting. We do this for a little while, I set him down he walks a little, stops, and then looks up at me... repeat lifting of dog... he has never done this and after reading about the drugs he was on, I think I may have my answer. Eventually, some joggers came and this usually makes him walk. I carried him about a quarter of the way back, nice little workout for me. I was very upset with him, but I forgave him due to his being all stitched up.
How much do I love him? :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Training has begun...

I started getting into the running thing again today to get ready for the 5k. I did 2 miles and by my calculations, the is 2/3's of the way to the 5K! Funny thing about running away from your car, you have to run back to it... I did knock out the first mile, no problem. I would like to think I did it in less than about 10 minutes. On the way back to the Jeep, I did the run a minute walk a minute thing, slow and steady wins the race (or something like that). I was a bit hungry before I ran, but the 2 dozen bugs I ate while running filled me right up!
I celebrated my run with cold pizza and beer... probably set myself back with that one huh? :)
I guess walking Blue about 10 miles a week has kept me in somewhat good shape to where I can still run when I want to and not stop by the side of the road and heave my guts out after a quarter of a mile. I will try to keep up with updates with how I am doing, if I make it though this whole ordeal without quitting or hurting myself, I would say it will be amazing! I am not accident prone, but I am prone to being lazy...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Six things...

So, I have been tagged to do a meme from Ms. Patti. If you would like to know what meme means, go there. Like Heather one might say I am a virgin to this. It has been a while since I have update this, found this to be a good time to go ahead and write something... Here goes nothing, I really have no secrets...

1. I will avoid crowds of people at all costs

Now, I enjoy parties and things of that nature, but put me in a line of people to wait on something, say waiting to get on a roller coaster or just in the middle of a big crowd leaving an event, I cant stand it. Something about some strange person touching me, I do not like it. In the party situation, you can usually find me enjoying conversation with 1 or a few people. I am not the life of the party, I just truly enjoy the people/persons I am speaking with and enjoy them, just them, no one else exists. If I am not haveing a conversation with someone, you can usually find me in a corner somewhere, observing...

2. I have a man crush

I am secure with myself and who I am, and I must say that Albert Pujols is the most amazing man that has ever walked this planet and played the game of baseball. Albert plays for the St. Louis Cardinals, started in the outfield and took over first base when the andro-roid freak known as Mark McGuire stopped playing ball. He is the only player that has hit 30 or more home runs in his first 7 seasons and will more than likely make this 8 seasons at the close of this season, he is at 24 as I write this. 'The Pujols' has slowed his production over the last few seasons HR wise due to a continued ailing elbow that needs surgery, but continues to state that he is fine. He continues to hit for AVG, currently hitting over .340 this season and won the batting title in 2003 (I think, pretty sure though). Anyways, 'The Pujols' is a machine, he is by far the best all around baseball player in the game today and anyone who brings up A-Rod in comparison to him can take a flying leap!

3. I have no filter

This gets me in trouble sometimes, but I really could careless. I say what I think, it usually does not go through a filter. This is why my best friend Brian and I get along so well. At work, there are times when I say things and I pretty much say you are dumb, without saying it, it is hanging there, but yeah, I do keep it semi-professional at work. I guess this is why I have earned the title as a-hole amongst some people (ex-girlfriends mostly... hey, this might be why I am single).

4. Nakedness is great!!!

I have no problem with being naked, I know some people leave this for the shower and sometimes in the sack, but honestly, if I lived alone, there would be no clothes involved. I wish I had a home with a pool. I would go skinny dipping more often but I would not like to be thrown in jail for jumping the fence and skinny dipping in the community/apartment pool (I am over my rebellious stage, kinda...).

5. I have had experiences with ghost's

I know this sounds some what queer, but honestly, they do exist. I work with a girl who has had experiences as well, we should probably write a book!

Every place I have lived in, with exception of the current apartment, I have have some sort of interaction with something not living. Sort of hard to explain, but yeah, it happens. I could go into stories and get into some detail that may give you chills down you spine, but yeah, this will be left for other conversation in person if you care to hear. (Micheal Phelps just won 8 gold medals)

6. I have no vices

I am addicted to nothing. There are some that will say that I could not live without Starbucks coffee, but I truly go there to talk to the cute brunette that I will probably never ask on a date because I am afraid of being shot down. We will not talk about that, but the coffee. I drink the coffee just because it is truly a good start to the day, it relaxes me and gets me ready for my day. Could I get through my day without it, yes, but it makes it so much more enjoyable with that cup of Joe. By the way, I do not drink the fru-fru, sugar laced, syrupy garbage that is available at this establishment. (Oh, I do not like chocolate)
I guess I am a little obsessed with trying new things that have an effect on my body. I was a vegetarian for about a month, felt no different than I did when I ate meat (I really do not eat meat much anyways).
So, that is a little bit about me, I really have nothing to hide however. I have no skeletons...
I am not going to tag anyone on this, pretty much everyone I know doing this Blog thing has already filled this out.
Any questions? :)
Blue is great, he is here sitting by me and approves this blog...