Monday, December 22, 2008


I made it home at about 6:30 tonight, I wasn't able to make it home for lunch so Blue is doing his best pee dance. I change rather quickly and get him out the door. I walk down the stairs and hear water streaming down the side of my building. I think to myself, 'that sucks, seems like a huge waste of water, I wonder what happened?' Blue and I zoom through our walk, due in part to the near freezing temperature. We walk for about our usual 30 minutes and we make it back to the apartment, still there is a fountain of water coming off the side of the building, again i wonder why they haven't fixed this yet. There is a RootoRooter van parked outside now however... (yes this ENTIRE time the thought of it being under 20 degrees this morning never came into my mind). Blue and I round the corner and there is a big trash bag by the door with a door hanger stating the maintenance is in the apartment (still, no thought of busted pipes). Blue immediately knows someone is in the apartment and runs into my room. I come in, take my layers off. While I strip the layers, I hear banging coming from the roommates room. I finally make my way in there and there is a gentleman banging on the wall of the shower, exposing the copper pipes. With a very thick Russian accent, he informs me that there is a pipe busted in my wall and that he just fixed my neighbors pipe which also busted (this being the neighbor above me, same outside wall). He walks me outside to show me that there is an obvious problem, all the aforementioned water that was streaming down the side of the apartment as if I did not hear or see this.
We come back inside, he was not able to find the busted pipe, but he fixed the leaky bath tub faucet, Hooray! From this point, he was finally able to see where the water was spewing from and it was about 1 foot right of the hole left of the toilet, thus we move into the vanity area and start the demolition under the sink.
This was the start of the demolition, currently, there is nothing at the back wall under the sink except expose pipe. It seems as though, when they remodeled our circa 1970's apartment complex they decided not to fully insulate the outside wall. Maybe this decision was made due to the fact that this wall also houses the complexes entire electrical system maybe someone thought that this may be a fire hazard... Or maybe someone was lazy and decided that we lived and Georgia and there is no way that we can go from 70 degrees one day to below 20 the next!
Blue spent the entire night in the kitchen, safely under the kitchen table, either standing or laying down. God forbid someone ever break in to this apartment, he would probably jump through a window to get away from the stranger in his house. Tuesday someone is supposed to come over and fix the walls, so this means a day off of work so my dog does not have a heart attack or make multiple messes throughout the apartment by being stressed. I am expecting a package anyways, I need to be here to sign for it. I too will now have a navigation bitch! (term coined by Patti P.)


Patti said...

Oh my, what a mess!! I hope they fix it today!! Did you get a navigational bitch?

Emma's Mom said...

Poor much for 'peace' during the holidays. Wow...what a mess! Were there no building codes back then that prohibited installing (uninsulated) pipes in outside walls?
Hope that things are repaired soon.
Debbie R.